What does D.P.C. offer?

-Fewer patients sharing one doctor


-More relaxed and longer visits

-Appointments within 24-48 hours

-No insurance company dictating content of visits

-See your doctor most visits (Locum may be available if doctor is out) 

-Home visits if medically necessary 

-Personalized specialist referral and follow through

-May be able to use HSA funds for membership fees

-Combining DPC with a health share program can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year compared to traditional health insurance.  

This is family medicine: coughs, colds, fever, flu, nausea/vomiting, aches and pains, common health issues and minor surgeries, and comprehensive wellness exams yearly. If medically necessary, home visits may be an option. You will have direct access to physician by phone or text 8am- 8pm and after hours for emergencies. We will work with you to prioritize and establish an appropriate wellness plan, with referral as necessary, review and follow up. Basic in- clinic labs included.  Appointments are scheduled within 24-48 hours. Immunization costs not included. 

Annual Pricing:

Single: $1800.00

Couple: $2,700.00

Family: $3,600.00

*Fees can be paid annually, biannually or quarterly. 

Click here for Hipaa, Registration and Financial Agreement Forms. 

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